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Origin- A Culinary Evolution

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This themed dining event was "evolutionary".

Diners at the Origin dinner event were privy to a multimedia- and multi course- event. By incorporating themes of evolution into every element, the dinner honored mother nature in three distinct movements: Ocean, Land, and Fire. Attendees found that their decadent meal paired perfectly with dance, original poetry, scored musical compositions, live music, and projected visual arts.

In addition to Chef Jason Stanhope, Origin- A Culinary Evolution featured the talents of Edmund’s Oast head bartender Jayce McConnell, Charleston Poet Laureate Marcus Amaker, Charleston Arts Festival Director Andrew Walker, projection artist Christian Hannon, PURE Theatre's Joy Vandervort Cobb, lighting designer Todd St. Onge of Technical Event Company, set designer Lisa Thomas of Ooh! Events, and Movement Union, a professional contemporary dance company led by Sara Sumner.

Diners were treated to Avinyo Petillant, a dry sparkling white wine as the entered the event. The first course, representing Ocean was consisted of Charleston Fruits de Mer, Carolina Gold Rice, Shrimp, Stone Crab, Raw Beeliner Snapper, and Caviar. The second course, Land, was paired with John's Island Vegetables, Toasted Grains, and Fresh Cheese. The final course, Fire, used Crispy Suckling Pig Rice, Burth Eggplant Aioli, and an Herb Salad to round off the night.